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Flat white, true beige, warm grey…are you bored yet? We are. Don’t get me wrong, for the purpose of resale neutral colors are still the safest bet, but more and more young homeowners are diverging from this long-term fad as they customize their cribs. Colors like deep purple, navy blue, and emerald green are being used to accent a new set of colors and textures being incorporated into modern homes.

Design trends come and go quickly. It feels like only yesterday that everyone wanted a chalkboard wall in one room or another. Just like chevron patterning and rose-gold paint, that trend is over. Vibrant granite counters, hammered copper sinks, and sliding barn doors are in, and we need a new color palette to match. Let’s look at what’s popular in 2020.

Warm Pastel

Pastels with added warmth and earthy undertones are quickly gaining in popularity. Colors like pink, mauve, baby blue, magic mint, peach, periwinkle, and lavender fall into this category. The colors in the pastel family are often described as soothing and can have a very relaxing effect on a room.

Bold Monochromatic

While pastels are light and soothing, bold monochromatic colors like Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green, and Aubergine are daring and full of personality, but can also throw a room out of balance if used ineffectively.

Moody Hues

Timeless or trendy? How about neither. Rich greens and blues that add a sense of mystery and drama to a room may be too intense for some but are alluring to others. Colors like Deep Dive, Make Waves, Sublime, and Current Mood add a sensual, moody, even romantic essence to a room.

Organic Tones

Warm neutrals are expected to start replacing cool greys and blues as 2020 ticks on. Organic tones are soft and earthy and feel peaceful and harmonious. Browns, warm reds, and muted pinks blend well together and can be combined tone-on-tone or used as accent colors.

Black and White

Black and white, the dynamic duo, provides tremendous contrast and versatility when property applied. Bold patterns like Art Deco ziggurat tile solicit an immediate emotional response while remaining timeless.

Jewel Tones

We are starting to see a trend towards bolder, deeper colors, accented with a pinch of opulence. Jewel tones are richly saturated hues named for gemstones including Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Amethyst Purple, Citrine Yellow, and Emerald Green.

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