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Tips for Moving During the COVID Crisis

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We find ourselves in strange times. Widespread stay-at-home orders and pervasive social distancing have left Americans feeling confined at the best of times and incarcerated at the worst. We are all adapting to the COVID-19 lifestyle as best we can, but many still have questions about how they are supposed to fulfil their promises and contractual obligations without sacrificing their own health and safety. Home buyers and sellers, and the myriad occupations that accompany a real estate transaction, are finding it especially taxing to navigate the ever-changing landscape, so we wanted to go over a few tips for moving during the COVID-19 crisis.

DIY When You Can

Even though Colorado has designated moving services as “essential”, many moving companies are operating at reduced hours or have paused business altogether. Try to manage the move on your own if possible. If this is not possible, do your homework on the companies operating in your area. Call to ask about sanitation procedures, whether the movers have necessary supplies (like masks, gloves and booties), and confirm there is a reasonable cancellation policy if you need to change your plans. 

Minimize Contact and Take Sanitation Seriously

If you’re not able to move without the assistance of a moving company, look for a company that has experience doing virtual pricing and practices no-contact moving. Forgo handshakes and formalities for obvious reasons. Wear masks, gloves and booties when appropriate. If you’re hiring a moving company, they’ll likely bring similar supplies for their workers, but have additional PPE available. Disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, paying particular attention to doorknobs and handles. Place soap and paper towels next to sinks and hand sanitizer by doors.

New Boxes

Buy new boxes: The coronavirus has been found to live on cardboard for up to 24 hours, so this might not be the time to pick up reused moving supplies. You can also use boxes that you already have in your home.

Be Flexible and Communicate Frequently

In advance of your move, reach out to your neighbors — especially if you live in an apartment building — and share the date and time you plan to move. This gives everyone in your direct vicinity an opportunity to avoid unnecessary contact and let you know if your timing is a problem.

Consider Charity

Even in the best of circumstances, nearly 40 million Americans are unable to afford groceries. As COVID-19 forces school closures, soup kitchen shutdowns and a surge of layoffs, the need for charitable giving is greater than ever. Lighten your moving day load by donating your shelf-stable items to a local food bank or to Move for Hunger, a national organization that works with professional moving companies and their customers to feed those in need, and consider donating furniture, clothes, toys, and so on to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, both of which have no-contact drop-off donation locations throughout the city.

The Sellstate Alliance Promise

If you or your friends or loved ones are looking for advice or guidance in this time of great national need, look no further; the experienced professionals at Sellstate Alliance Realty & Property Management are proactively fighting to provide the best possible service while keeping the health and safety of our clients at the forefront of our efforts. Please consider viewing these additional resources to keep yourself informed and up to date.

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