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Problems You Can Solve With Paint

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 Unhappy Hallways

Unlike a family room, bedroom or kitchen, hallways are not designed to spend time in. They are pure utility, used to go from one room to the next, and therefore get little attention compare to other areas of the home. A lack of love for your hallways can give your home a harsh, utilitarian feel. Nobody wants to live in a bunker, so how can we spruce up our hallways without a major remodel? Try a cheerful color of paint to make your passage more pleasant. Add a bit of art, maybe even give the hall a theme, and you may find yourself lingering in your hallways a little longer.

Outdated Cabinets

Replacing your old kitchen or bathroom cabinets can be a major ordeal, not to mention expensive. Instead of embarking on a huge construction project, give your cabinets a budget-friendly face lift with a few coats of paint. Like most painting projects, preparation is often the difference between beautiful success and ugly failure. Make sure to clean, sand, and prime any surface that is receiving new paint. If you take your time and do it right, you can achieve a total room transformation without hiring a construction crew.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick can lend a charming old-world characteristic, but it can also be a room darkening eye sore. If the masonry is in bad shape it makes this problem even worse. The dated and dingy feel of chipped bricks can be countered with a few coats of paint. Use a sprayer or thick-nap roller to make the room feel lighter and more modern. You can match the color to its surroundings if you want the brick to blend in, or you can add some color if you want to accentuate the difference in textures.

Terrible Tile

Vintage tile may be your style, or it may not. Replacing tile is a major endeavor; you have to rip out the old tile, clean and prime the area, and then mud and grout your new tiles into place. What a mess. Another option to modernize your tile is to paint them. Wait, you can paint tile? You sure can. It’s not as easy as painting drywall and requires a special epoxy kit (available at just about any home center), but it is still cheaper and less hassle than tearing out and installing new tile.

Woeful Wood Paneling

The 1970’s called; they want their wood paneled walls back. If you hate your wood paneled walls but can’t afford a total makeover, try painting them instead. Wood panels take paint well, provided you wash, sand, and prime them first, as you would when painting anything made of wood. Painted wood panels have a cottage-inspired feel and can elevate a rooms energy by brightening the environment.

Small Room Blues

A new coat of paint is a classic way to dispel the small room blues. Choose a color that reflects rather than absorbs light, white being the best for that purpose. To draw attention away from close corners, it is important to pain the trim and ceiling the same colors as the walls. This helps to blur the boundaries between wall and ceiling and draw your eyes upwards, making the ceiling seem higher than it is. If you are worried that an all-white space will feel too cold, try pairing it with warmer decorative elements or textures.

Boring Flooring

A boring wood or concrete floor can be turned into a stunning statement with a bit of paint. You can create a simple border or faux rug over a small area of the floor, or you can get creative with a pattern across the entire space. Stencils and painter’s tape are great ways to achieve an even and consistent design that will add personality to any space.

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