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10 Reasons Buyers Hate Your Home

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Are buyers turning their nose up? Have a look at these ten seriously whimsical reasons why buyers hate your home!

1. Abandoned Landscaping.

If your front yard looks like it belongs to the Addams family, buyers may drive buy and never come back. Curb appeal can’t be underestimated in its ability to make a good first impression and draw potential buyers inside, so if your shrubs are scraggly, your beds have weeds, and your lawn resembles the Savannah, don’t expect much action.

2. Personal Paint Palette.

You may love your scarlet red accent wall, but others will have a hard time looking past it. Generally speaking, fun colors are for living, but boring, neutral colors are for selling. Re-paint your bright walls a nice boring beige, taupe, or light grey, and make sure your trim is white.

3. Popcorn Ceilings.

Popcorn ceilings are impossible to clean, impossible to paint, potentially contain asbestos, and are ugly to boot. Unfortunately removing it can be expensive, and double so if it contains asbestos. Even though it would greatly improve a potential buyer’s opinion of the home, you likely wont recoup the cost of replacing a popcorn ceiling, and neither will they.

4. All Carpet All the Time.

Wall to wall carpeting is problematic for several reasons; it collects stains and smells, gets worn and shabby looking over time in high traffic areas, and is not readily customizable to match your décor. As if that weren’t enough, it is also out of style. Modern home buyers want hardwood, or at least vinyl, in high traffic areas.

5. Brass Fixtures.

From faucets to switch plates to chandeliers, nothing screams “I LOVE THE 80’s” like shiny yellow brass. And yes, that was the last time brass was popular. Brass goes well with colors like turquoise, emerald, or cobalt, but gives the home an antiquated feel when paired with anything else. Upgrade to nickel, chrome, or stainless steel to avoid potential buyers thinking they accidentally took a ride in a time machine.

6. Faux Crystal Faucet Handles.

Acrylic knobs in a bathroom look cheap, because they are. They are tacky, out of style, and obviously plastic, so replace them with a faucet and handles that do your vanity or tub justice. Any metallic finish (except brass!) will do.

7. Vanity Lighting Strips.

Who wants a row of bare light bulbs blazing down on you from above the bathroom mirror? Nobody, that’s who. No other area of your home, except maybe your basement storage closet, had bare light bulbs. There is a very good reason for this; exposed bulbs are easy to break. Both outdated incandescent bulbs and modern CFL bulbs contain toxic compounds that can be extremely harmful. Go ahead and replace your vanity lighting strip with a fixture that includes a shade for each bulb.

8. Wallpaper.

Cabbage Rose. Victorian Floral. Vintage Magnolia. Today’s buyers don’t want wallpaper, and if they do, they will probably prefer one of the other ten thousand styles. It would be quite the stroke of luck to have a buyer walk into your home and exclaim, “That is exactly the wallpaper I have always dreamed of!” Wallpaper is difficult to get rid of and its removal will simply be another annoying chore on your potential buyer’s to-do list.

9. Bathroom Carpet.

There was a time in the 70’s when carpeted bathrooms were considered the height of luxury, and was still installed in homes as late as the early 90’s. Is sinking your clean toes into plush carpet after a hot shower worth a potential (probably inevitable) mold infestation? The modern buyer offers a resounding no to this question.

10.  Neighbor Behavior.

Your neighbors un-kept jungle of a front yard and rusty old car sans tires sticking out like a redneck El Dorado is doing you no favors. This is a bit extreme, but you get the idea. The most common neighbor behaviors that impacts home sales are noise (screaming children, barking dogs, band practice, etc.), uncleanliness, or allowing their home to fall into disrepair. You have limited (or no) recourse in most situations, but you should definitely be transparent with your potential buyer or else risk legal repercussions down the line.

Avoid these potential pitfalls by engaging an experienced REALTOR® from Sellstate Alliance Realty to guide you and represent your best interest.

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